Step 1

Questions to ask yourself:

Why are you selling? What is your time frame to move? Do you anticipate any challenges in selling? What are you expecting from your agent?


Prep your home: 

Walk through your house as if you didn't live there. What do you see wrong with it? Would you re-buy your house? If not, make a list of reasons/item that need to be addressed. Use this as a checklist to make it more buyer friendly.

Step 2

Is your house smiling for pictures? Check around each main room of the house. Do you see items you wouldn't want in pictures? How about that comfie blanket that is tattered and torn? Put items away or in closets to ensure the best pictures can be taken.

Step 3


Find an Agent.

Word of Mouth, Internet Search, Stop By an Office.

There are different types of agents out there, so make sure you perform your due diligence. I suggest interviewing at least three then narrow down your selection.

Step 4

Get your house on the market!

Make sure your timing with getting it on the MLS is in sync with having photos done and signage added. If you are looking to have an Open House, be sure to protect your valuables and guns. Also, make sure prescription meds are put in a secure location.

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